When most riders think of a round-the-world trip on a motorcycle, the most obvious choice of machine would be a big dual-purpose adventure machine, preferably German, with two-cylinders and 1,200 cc. But would you consider doing it on a 150 cc, single-cylinder machine weighing 117 kg?

That is what Anita Yusof did, chasing her dream of riding around the world, solo. Calling it her “Global dream ride”, Anita – who only learned to ride a motorcycle three years ago – toured the world on a Yamaha FZ150i, beginning in Seattle, US.

Using her own funds and taking unpaid leave from her teaching job, Anita spent nearly RM100,000 for her year-long journey that began on September 11, 2015. Her route took her through the continental US, before heading into South America.


Shipping her FZ150i to England, Anita then crossed Europe, before entering Asia at the Bosporus, Turkey and into Iran. Travelling across eastern Europe, covering Russia and Mongolia, Anita shipped her bike to Thailand to enter the final phase of her journey, crossing the border at Bukit Kayu Hitam on September 16.

Her 2015 Yamaha FZ150i 150 cc, single-cylinder sports bike was provided by Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia. Her helmet, riding gear, panniers and top-box were provided by Givi Malaysia.

“The best part of my journey was all the wonderful people I met around the world. The people who helped me, and shared their homes and food with me, this was the best part,” says Anita. Anita also faced a challenge riding in South America, where wind speeds reached up to 100 km/h.

This did not deter Anita, who had dreamed of travelling the world when she was young. Now 49, and after raising two children as a single parent, fulfiling her life’s goal has given her a sense of achievement.

“I intend to have a good rest after this,” says Anita with a laugh. In the works are a series of books based on her travels, with one book to cover each of the four continents she traversed.

“I am also planning a series of lectures and shows based on my dream ride,” says Anita, “and I will be speaking to schools and college students.” She would like to motivate young adults, especially women, and show them that nothing is impossible if you have the determination.