It cannot be denied that motorcycling is a dangerous sport, more so in traffic conditions with so many distracted drivers paying more attention to their handphones. In an effort to improve riding safety, BMW Motorrad is introducing the Street Air Dry by Alpinestars riding jacket, with an airbag system.

Designed to work in conjunction with the Alpinestars airbag system vest, the Street Air Dry jacket offers upper-body protection in the event of a crash. Upon detecting a crash situation, the airbag inflates within 25 milliseconds and protects the back, kidneys, chest and shoulders.

The system is designed to be stand-alone, and does not require pairing with the motorcycle or other sensor systems to work. Sensors are placed close to the rider’s body, and allows for the rider to easily switch between bikes, without the need to change modes when switching between on- and off-road riding.

Available from October 2016, the BMW Motorrad Street Air Dry jacket comes in both male and female cutting, and is meant for use on road and dirt. Adapted from Alpinestars Tech-Air motorcycle airbag system, the airbag vest is designed to be worn only with a compatible jacket like the Street Air Dry.