Malaysians now have yet another vanity number plate to choose from – a new series with the prefix “GT”, offered by Kelab Eksplorasi 7 Benua Malaysia (KE7B), which happens to be the same organisation that sold the G1M (Gagasan 1 Malaysia) series of vanity number plates.

The special series will have the usual run of 9,999 numbers, with the minimum reserved price for a normal number starting from RM1,000 going up to RM200,000 for “GT1”. The tender opens today and you can submit your tender by downloading the tender form from the Plat GT website.

If you’re successful in your tender, you have to register the plate onto a car before the end of 2017 at JPJ’s Wangsa Maju branch. KE7B says proceeds will go towards funding its activities. GT 86, anyone?