There is more to come from BMW’s i division, with these leaked patent images from Autoguide.com pointing towards a vehicle that is closer to a production unit than a concept. What is likely to be called the BMW i5 appears to have conventional side mirrors here in these images, as opposed to camera units that are increasingly common among concept cars recently.

Also telling is the presence of just one exterior cap – a lack of a fuel filler flap, which indicates that the i5 in these leaked pictures is a fully electric vehicle, unlike the i3 range extender and the i8 sports car, which have internal combustion engines to complement their electric drive motors.

Henrik Wenders, head of product at BMW i, earlier this year revealed to Car and Driver of plans for a model to slot in between the compact urban car and the sports car in the i division line-up, and this is further confirmation of the range expansion.


Here, the i5 is seen to have unified front and rear door handles, possibly for a suicide door configuration a la Rolls-Royce. Up front, the traditional BMW kidney grille is flanked by angular headlamps, with some resemblance to the i8’s. Around the back, some resemblance to the i3 is visible, albeit stretched over the i5’s longer proportions.

As with other i models, the i5 is likely to feature a carbon-fibre structure, utilising the sub-brand’s unique LifeDrive architecture. The BMW i5 is not due until close to the end of the decade, so much of the overall product remains to be seen.

Question is, do you like what you see so far?