Taxi Drivers Protest Against GrabCar 6

A group of taxi drivers have initiated a donation drive to come up with money so they can continue their legal fight against the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) over app-based ride-sharing services, The Sun reports. The group is appealing to cabbies nationwide, especially in Klang Valley, to donate money for the cause.

In September, a suit filed by 102 taxi drivers against SPAD – over Uber and Grab activities and operations – was dismissed by the High Court, which ruled that the plaintiff should have filed the suit through a judicial review. The drivers have resolved to continue the litigation process against SPAD, but need money to do so, and are aiming to raise RM7,000 to file an appeal at the Appellate Court against SPAD before October 25.

Klang Valley Taxi Drivers’ Action Committee president Zailani Isa Usuludin said the committee made the decision to appeal for donations due to a lack of funds. “We have been ordered by the High Court to pay RM5,000 to SPAD as cost after our suit was struck out last month and also we require RM2,000 as legal fees for our appeal process,” he told the publication.

He added that the committee – which is said to represent about 3,000 taxi drivers – will stop at nothing to battle SPAD in court and seek a declaration to ban ride-sharing services.

In December last year, the drivers filed a lawsuit against SPAD, claiming that the commission did not carry out its duty to halt illegal ride-sharing services and saying these were given priority by the defendant while the cabbies’ rights and interest were side-lined and ignored.