Some of our readers will be familiar with the virtual British band Gorillaz and all four of its members – 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs and Noodle. Well, the latter has now been named as Jaguar’s brand ambassador to “drive a skills gap campaign inspiring young people to become future engineers and innovators and to join the Jaguar Racing crew.”

Depicted as a Japanese girl, Noodle (guitars, keyboards, and vocals) along with the rest of the Gorillaz members are the ones behind hits such as “Clint Eastwood,” “Tomorrow Comes Today” and “Feel Good Inc.” which topped the charts in the 2000s. Outside its virtual world, the band was founded by real-life Blur frontman Damon Albarn and comic-book illustrator Jamie Hewlett, and are currently working on its fifth studio album.

“By 2022 we’re facing a shortfall of 300,000 skilled engineers in the UK alone. It is our responsibility to change this future by inspiring young people,” said Fiona Pargeter, global PR communications director for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

Yes we want to be successful on track, and Formula E can be a once in a generation opportunity to inspire the future generations of engineers. A global platform to inspire and attract young children to a career in innovation and engineering – through Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s partnership with Noodle we hope to inspire millions of young people to help invent the future,” she added.

“The young minds of today are the engineers of tomorrow. We are in the driving seat and our imaginations are the fuel. It’s time to lead the charge and build a better world!” Noodle said, commenting on her new role as part of the Jaguar Racing team.

Jaguar Racing marked its return to the race track with its new Formula E racing team – Panasonic Jaguar Racing. The team recently made its race debut in Hong Kong where the third season of the all-electric race series kicked off over the weekend. Jaguar driver Adam Carroll finished twelfth, while teammate Mitch Evans retired from the race.