Yarra trams in Melbourne-02

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is looking into the possibility of introducing a tram service in Kuala Lumpur. A feasability study is being conducted by the commission and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017, The Sun reports.

The service is being explored for the capital as a supplementary mode of public transport, according to the commmission’s Land Public Transport Transformation Journey (PTPAD) 2010-2015 report. It is part of the Greater Kuala Lumpur Land Public Transport Master Plan to enhance the travel experience via the rail system.

A tram service, being more efficient and environmentally friendly, would ease traffic congestion in the city centre, it said. The study will explore economic projections as well as financial and technical measures needed to support the operation of the tram services, and also look at passenger demand for such a service.

The PTPAD report also states that another study on the improvement of the First-Mile and Last-Mile Urban Rail for Greater Kuala Lumpur will be carried out. This will look closely at the tram service coverage as well as inter-connectivity with other modes of transport, and also determine an optimal use of rail assets.