Uber riders in Kuala Lumpur will be able to see their fares upfront once they request for a ride. The update is set to be rolled out to all Uber riders over the next few weeks, according to the ride-sharing service. Uber knows from its UberPool option that this makes fares clearer for riders, and sees this as the right approach.

Upfront fares are determined by the time and distance of the trip, whilst taking into account traffic conditions, and the number of riders and drivers using Uber at that moment, the company says. When fares increase with greater demand, riders will get to see their fare before they request their ride, instead of the surge lightning bolts and pop-up screens used previously.

Where surge pricing is concerned, the variation according to traffic and demand is still in place, but the new dynamic pricing structure gives the rider more information before committing to a ride – riders cannot book a car without first approving the cost. The fare is generally all-inclusive, including booking fees and toll charges, according to the company.

Possible fare increases come from changes in the ride destination, or if extra stops are made along the way. If the trip route deviates significantly from the original booking, then the basic time and distance rates will apply. Uber’s most recent expansion was to Kuching, Sarawak. As mentioned above, the update will gradually be rolled out to reach all Uber riders in Malaysia.