Recently, Ken Block revealed the updated 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR, which now comes with a pair of highly-visible turbochargers mated to its 6.7 litre V8. We now know what the build will be used for, as the trailer for 2017’s Climbkhana has been released.

Ditching the urban setting of his previous nine Gymkhana videos, Block’s latest project will see him and his Hoonicorn make the run up the famous Pikes Peak, with plenty of stunts performed along the way. Naturally, expect plenty of tyre slaying, specifically Toyo Proxes R888R rubbers, to occur along the way.

“Climbkana is the next generation of the Gymkhana series. I’ve long wanted to extend Gymkhana beyond the backdrops it has been living in. As a rally driver, I have always wanted to mix what I do in the films with stage roads,” said Block.

Block’s upgraded Hoonicorn now outputs 1,400 hp, 555 hp more than before, which is probably necessary to make the 156-turn, 4,720-foot ascent to the clouds. Methanol fuel is used to ensure it provides the four-digit power figure, which Block claims “spins my Toyo tyres to destruction so quickly that I can’t change the gears fast enough.”