There’s another supercar that will make its debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show, and it’s not only going to be electric, but is also designed by a Singaporean firm – Vanda Electrics. Meet the Dendrobium – the country’s first home-grown electric supercar.

From a numeral perspective, things certainly sound promising as the Dendrobium measures 5,540 mm long, 2,270 mm wide and 1,100 mm tall, with a wheelbase spanning 3,530 mm. It also has a kerb weight of 1,750 kg, which includes a Formula E-derived battery pack with a capacity of 90-100 kWh, good for claimed all-electric range of up to 400 km.

As for the more interesting numbers, the electric two-seater’s four Yasa electric motors will provide a total output of 1,500 hp and 4,000 Nm of torque. The car is claimed to hit 100 km/h from a standstill in under 2.6 seconds, and hit a top speed of 400 km/h.

The Straits Times also reports that the car will only have a range of about 320 km, a sprint time of “under three seconds,” and have a top speed “in excess of 250 km/h.”

The car will be developed by the local firm, and built by Williams Advanced Engineering in Oxford, United Kingdom, 18 months after its Geneva reveal. Vanda Electrics CEO Larissa Tan also told the Straits Times that only “10 to 20” will be made, all of them being right-hand drive.

The car’s curious-sounding name is inspired by an orchid due to the way the Dendrobium’s doors and roof open for easy ingress/egress. It will feature a steel or carbon-fibre frame, and the design will be influenced by roadsters from the 1950s. No details on pricing but Tan says that it will be “in the millions,” and destined for the global market.