Ever thought of working in your car? With rising office rental rates and the increasing popularity of more flexible working concepts such as hot-desking and co-working, such an idea may not seem so far-fetched in the future, and it’s one that Nissan and UK-based design workshop Studio Hardie are pursuing with the one-off, all-electric Nissan e-NV200 Workspace.

The concept behind the vehicle centres around the fact that an electric vehicle is cheap to run (as little as £0.01 or RM0.06 a kilometre, according to Nissan), lowering the cost of commuting to work; the ability to park up at free EV charging bays in certain city centres also allows users to practically work for free. Alternatively, users could skip the city altogether in favour of countryside or coastal fresh air.

The Workspace looks like any other e-NV200 on the outside, but step inside and you’ll find a specialised working environment, with a panoramic glass roof and LED floor lighting contributing to a more spacious feel. The colour of the interior lighting can be customised through a wide range of parameters, including using a palette from a photo, via a smartphone app.

A fold-down desk console on the right side of the load bay houses a touchscreen computer, wireless mouse and keyboard and an assortment of stationary supplies, each with their own dedicated storage space. To the left is a coffee-making console, with a barista-quality coffee machine rising mechanically from a concealed compartment; there’s also a suite of coffee-making equipment in the overhead locker.

The decked oak flooring features a custom centre mount that allows one of the two chrome, leather-upholstered chairs to be anchored, to be used with the desk. Two more mounts are fitted side-by-side further up the cabin, enabling two people to have a meeting. Between them is a wooden console containing a wireless smartphone charging dock, a Bluetooth speaker and a mini fridge drawer.

If the weather allows it, both side sliding doors and the split rear doors can be opened to further enhance the feeling of space. A floating deck slides out from the rear bumper, providing an outdoor area to take a phone call, work from a laptop or simply admire the view.

The Workspace can be fast-charged up to 80% power in half an hour, and there’s also an internal mount for a folding Brompton bike in case users want to leave the vehicle parked up and charged, in order to make short trips or to complete the “last mile” of any journey.