Toyota has launched a couple of compact minivans for the Japanese market – the Roomy and the Tank, as they are called, are manufactured by Daihatsu for Toyota at the former’s Ikeda plant.

Two three-cylinder 1.0 litre engines are available for the minivans, and these are a naturally-aspirated 1KR-FE or a turbocharged 1KR-VET, both mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) sending drive to the front wheels.

Output numbers for the 1KR-FE here isn’t mentioned, but in many other application the mill offers 67 PS at 6,000 rpm and 91 Nm at 4,800 rpm. As for the 1KR-VET, it has 72 PS at 6,000 rpm and 140 Nm from 2,400 to 4,000 rpm.

Highlights of the Roomy/Tank duo include spaciousness as well as convenience and manoeuvrability; its turning radius is rated at 4.6 m, while inside, a maximum distance of 1,105 mm can be had between the front and rear passengers. For convenience, both sides of the Roomy and the Tank feature one-touch, electrically-powered sliding doors with a programmable locking function.

Interior conveniences includes a five litre removable trash bin, a rotating cup holder that can also hold cartons, large assist grips (with child grips) to support children as well as adults in getting into the vehicle smoothly and a rear-seat step-up light that turns on when the power slide door is operated, for safe entry and exit even at night and in dark locations.

Flexibility of accommodation is the trump card played by the Roomy/Tank duo, with seat mechanisms that allow occupants to move about within the cabin. Walk-through front seats allow the driver and front passenger to access the rest of the vehicle’s cabin from within.

The rear seats, meanwhile, can either be slid forward by up to 240 mm to fit up to four carry-on sized suitcases with five occupants seated, or alternatively the rear seats can be reclined by up to 70 degrees to provide a sleeping space in the cabin.

Alternatively, if even more space is required, a dive-in mechanism can fold the rear seats forward to make a completely flat cargo floor, which offers a cargo space that is 1,500 mm long.

Both the Roomy and Tank are equipped with a Smart Assist II collision avoidance assist system, which has five functions: a collision warning function for vehicles and pedestrians, a collision avoidance brake assist function for vehicles, an accidental-start control function for forward and backward starts, a line deviation warning function as well as a function that notifies the driver that the vehicle ahead has started moving forward.

Four face designs are available between the Roomy and the Tank, while a total of 14 exterior colours – comprising nine single-tone colours and five two-tone colours for custom colouring – are available, in addition to three exclusive body colours, called Laser Blue Crystal Shine, Imperial Gold Crystal Metallic and Brilliant Copper Crystal Mica.

Pricing for the Roomy and Tank start from 1,463,400 Yen (RM59,971) for the front-wheel-drive X variant, topping out at 2,008,800 Yen (RM82,330) for the 4WD, Custom G “S” variant.