Volvo Cars is looking to make “life less complicated” for its customers by rolling out a new connected-car app called Volvo Concierge Services. According to the company, the app “could end the need for time-consuming trips to the gas station, car wash, service and more.”

How? By having someone else do it for you of course! Through the app, which expands upon Volvo’s On Call connected car app, customers will be able to “order” to have their car refuelled, cleaned or maintained, while they are busy doing other things like working, sleeping, or even traveling abroad.

Think of it like a personalised butler service that is specifically catered to your Volvo. If you’re worried about safety, Volvo Concierge provides a one-time-use digital key, which is location and time-specific, and is sent to the authorised provider to access the vehicle.

When the needed services are complete, the car is locked and the digital key expires. Customers can choose to have their car returned to where they last left it, or delivered to a completely new location at their request.

“Imagine parking your car in the morning at work and when you head home your car has been serviced, cleaned and refuelled. These are the kind of services we want to deliver to our customers. Our research shows that people spend hours every week doing these small errands – we want to give that time back to Volvo drivers, so they can do something more valuable instead,” said Bjorn Annwall, senior vice president of Volvo Car Group’s Global Consumer Experience division.

The company’s research revealed that consumers seek convenient and precise on-demand services that save them time. Fueling services were favoured by 70% of consumers, while 56% want their car to be taken for servicing, and 49% liked the idea of being able to have their car moved to another location.

For now, a pilot programme with the service is set to introduced this November in the San Francisco Bay area, targeting Volvo owners driving the new XC90 SUV and S90 sedan. It will then ramp up to include around 300 Volvo owners.