Custom retro bikes are all the rage these days, but what happens when you take a 1986 BMW K100 LT – LT standing for Luxury Touring – and strip everything off that denotes “luxury”, or “touring” for that matter? That’s what German outfit Titan Motorcycles did with a K100 LT with only 21,000 km on the odometer.

The Xaver came to be when a customer came into the shop with a Harley-Davidson Road King that had a dead battery and was convinced to give BMW motorcycles a try. After test-riding an R100, he remained unmoved until he rode the K100 LT.

Titan then leaned on the LT, stripping out everything that was not the essence of a motorcycle, installing a Remus exhaust on the 987 cc “Flying Brick” flat inline-four engine. Blechmann Aluminium provided the hand-made custom tank, seat cowl and headlight brackets.


For the instruments, the analogue clocks from the K100 were thrown out, and a full digital Motoscope panel was installed in their place. A minimum of electronics are fitted in the K100 Xaver, just a CAN-Bus to drive the LED headlights, And a Tomaselli Endurobar with internal wiring.

To finish off the build, Titan made up a leather single-seat with diamond cross-hatch stitching, in scrambler style, and fitted a Brembo performance master cylinder to drive the brakes. Continental TKC80 enduro-style tyres complete the look of the BMW K100 Xaver.