A pair of motorcycles have emerged from the works of British maker Spirit motorcycles, featuring race-ready styling and carbon-fibre clothing. Based on the Triumph Daytona 675 three-cylinder engine, the Spirit GP-Sport and GP-Street feature a fully-adjustable frame, in line with its sporty design.

Taking the 675 cc triple from the Triumph Daytona, Spirit have taken the capacity up to 750 cc, and the mill now produces a claimed 180 hp at 14,200 rpm. How they have done that is something of a mystery, as the triple crank from the Daytona doesn’t lend itself to stroking, nor is there enough place to bore out the cylinders.

Compression has been taken to 13.8:1, and the engine is controlled by a Motec M130 ECU. Suspension is done by K-Tech, using its top-of-the-line KTR 2 fork and a 35 DDS rear shock absorber, both of which are fully-adjustable.

Everything is tied together in a hand-brazed steel tube frame, with carbon-fibre bodywork cladding the GP-SPort, while the GP-Street is the naked version. Bosch provides an electronic slipper clutch, and the kit is completed with a full-titanium exhaust system.

A full suite of electronics comes with the bike, and PFM takes care of the braking. The whole package, in its “R” specification, weighs in at a very light 145 kg – wet. This is helped by the carbon-fibre wheels that grace the Spirit.

Spirit Motorcycles is a collaboration between renowned Triumph Daytona 675 tuner Tony Scott via his firm T3 Racing, and custom builder Spirit of the Seventies, both of whom are based in the UK. Pricing for the limited edition Spirit Motorcycles GP-Sport R – of which only 50 will be made – is 65,000 pound sterling (RM355,725), while the base version will set you back 45,000 pound sterling (RM246,721).

For the Spirit Motorcycle GP-Street, there are two models available – the GP-Street R and base GP-Street. The GP-Street R costs 70,000 pound sterling (RM383,089), and the base model will set you back 45,000 pound sterling (RM246,721). The 2016 Triumph Daytona 675 is priced at RM74,900.