At 19,900 euros (RM93,494), the iXoost Esavox is a lot of money for a sound system, but it does get you a small piece of Lamborghini – part of the exhaust system, in fact. The speaker setup’s construction draws inspiration from cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, with the speaker incorporating carbon-fibre along with wood.

A hexagonal cabinet on each side made of carbon-fibre each houses a 6.5-inch full-range speaker and an eight-inch woofer, while a downward-firing, 15-inch subwoofer takes care of the really low frequencies and is made of Neodymium. Two stereo valve preamps and 600-watt amplifier power the tweeter, midrange speakers and woofers, while the subwoofer gets its own dedicated 200-watt amplifier.

There is function to the exhaust pipes on the Esavox stereo, too. The exhaust tubes have variable openings which are meant to regulate the air pressure within the subwoofer, while two of the tubes contain a one-inch Mylar tweeter each.

The iXoost Esavox is a thing of considerable size and heft, at 53 kg and measuring 125 cm long by 65 cm deep. Its mass is supported by a passive shock absorber system, along with variable height tapered supports.