To keep the hype train rolling, Faraday Future has released a second teaser image for its first production model set to debut at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new model is largely expected to be a crossover, as we’ve seen in an earlier teaser video.

This time, we are shown a shot of the vehicle’s rear, which does make us question on the legitimacy of its “production-ready” status. The culprit? Those small cameras that are in place of the wing mirrors are certainly illegal in many countries, including in the United States (at least until 2018), unless Faraday plans to market the vehicle exclusively in Japan.

Moving on, the teaser also shows us an interesting taillight design that appears to mirror the front grille from the first image shown to us, featuring an illuminated FF logo in the centre. We also get to see a flowing roofline and large rear windshield that appears to end near the lighting units.

Curiously, what looks to be an off-centred, protruding “shark fine antenna” can also be seen in the image, which could serve more of a purpose than allowing you to hear some radio tunes. As we’ve seen atop an earlier prototype, this could be the car’s LiDAR sensor that supports autonomous driving features.

The Faraday SUV will ride on the company’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) that features a modular battery structure, allowing for a variety of vehicle types and electric motor configurations. More details will be released when the vehicle is revealed in full on January 3, 2017.