The month of November has seen a very slight uptick in new vehicle sales, according to data released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA). In total, 49,085 vehicles were registered last month – that’s up by 1,206 units or 2.5% from the month before, but still some 6,983 units or 12.5% down from November 2015.

What’s more, year-to-date sales of 515,293 units trail those from last year, down 13.7% or 82,013 units from the same period in 2015 – with just a month left to go, total sales for the entire year will likely be some way off last year’s record 666,674 units. As usual, we’ve compiled MAA’s sales data in the table below, sorted by the top performing brands in November 2016 – as you can see, it’s a mixed bag.

Perodua leads the tables again, but its sales were down 4.3% from the month before, dropping 700 units to 15,448 units. Proton didn’t enjoy such a strong month, either, selling 4.0% or 304 fewer vehicles at 7,336 units; however, it still managed to hang on to third place in the standings.

On the other hand, November has been fruitful for the top non-national makes, with Honda sales up 8.5% or 699 units to 8,903 units, maintaining a comfortable second place. Toyota also sold 890 more vehicles, an increase of 16.2% – this amounts to total sales of 6,390 units, keeping it in fourth.

Further down the order, Nissan managed an impressive performance for November, with a jump of 24.3% to 3,050 units. On the premium end of the market, Mercedes-Benz has maintained the sales momentum that it had throughout the year, with a 5.9% increase to 996 units; BMW’s sales also saw a welcome 8.1% increase to 930 units.

Elsewhere, it’s been a good month for Lexus (+88.6%) and Subaru (+41.2%), but not so good for Mazda, which suffered a 20.1% drop in sales in November. The latter’s total sales of 802 units puts it behind not just Isuzu (1,063 units), but also Mercedes and BMW.

In terms of year-to-date sales, Perodua still leads at 182,485 units sold, followed by Honda (80,369 units), Proton (65,067 units), Toyota (56,410 units) and Nissan (35,902 units). Other carmakers that have passed the five-digit mark include Mazda (11,890 units), Isuzu (11,338 units) and Mercedes (11,130 units) making it a fierce three-way fight for sixth in the standings.

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