Philips has introduced its X-treme Ultinon LED H4 bulbs in Malaysia, designed as a like-for-like, plug-and-play replacement for conventional halogen H4 (low and high beam) headlight bulbs.

Giving a car the same look as modern LED headlights, these bulbs produce over 150% more light than standard halogen bulbs, but in a similar beam pattern thanks to SafeBeam technology – this provides light to areas of the road most needed whilst also reducing glare to other road users. The more intense light output results in a sharper, sparkling look.

Also notable is the AirFlux thermal design, which ensures that the diodes are constantly cooled, maintaining the highest light performance and a long lifetime. The bulbs have a service life of 12 years, and feature a three-year limited warranty.

The X-treme Ultinon LED H4 bulbs join Philips’ complete range of LED replacement bulbs for every automotive application, inside and out – including fog lights, brake lights, interior lighting and boot lights.