Hyundai is taking electrified mobility a little further with the Ioniq, as it shows with the Ioniq electric scooter at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. No word on its electric range, but the hand-portable two-wheeler can fold and fit into the Ioniq EV’s front door pocket, where it can also be charged, said the Korean automaker.

The Ioniq scooter features front and rear lights to aid visibility when in operation, while an occupant sensor detects that the rider is safely aboard the scooter before it enables riding mode. The rider scrolls up a thumb switch to accelerate, while decelerating is done via pressing a pad over the scooter’s rear wheel – much like the brake on a traditional scooter – or by scrolling down on said switch.

For now, though, the Ioniq scooter remains a concept, as Hyundai has no plans to put it into production. The scooter is part of Hyundai’s Project Ioniq initiative, with the first step being the Ioniq with three powertrain options: a hybrid, a plug-in, and a fully electric version. As part of that, Hyundai plans to launch 28 “green” models in the United States by 2020.