One problem many public transport commuters face is the last-mile – the distance between the station and their home or workplace. In many cases, walking is not a convenient solution, as our local weather and lack of easy pedestrian access does not make foot power conducive.

Some have turned to a folding bicycle as a solution, with such personal vehicles now allowed on the mass transit systems in Kuala Lumpur. But there might be a more elegant solution in the Stigo folding e-scooter, brought into Malaysia by official dealer Stigo Global.

Combining the frame of a folding bicycle with a hub-mounted 250 watt motor, the Stigo – certified as an “L1e” street-legal electric scooter – comes in two versions – the base Stigo and the Stigo+. The Stigo carries a single 36-volt 5.8 Ah lithium-ion battery pack which translates to 209 watt hours, while the Stigo+ gets two packs for double the capacity.

This gives the Stigo and Stigo+ a range of 15 and 30 km, respectively, with a maximum governed speed of 25 km/h. Charging time is approximately three hours, using household current.

Weighing in at 13.9 kg for the Stigo, and 15.2 kg for the Stigo+, this e-scooter will fit into the boot of a sedan. For hatchbacks, the rear seat will have to be folded down.

Unfolding the Stigo is a simple two-step operation, with folding being the reverse. Folded up, the Stigo has a footprint of 48 by 40 cm. Switching on the Stigo is with a push-button and transponder key, which also switches on the front LED headlight and brake/tail light.

Riding the Stigo is easy, with power controlled by a twist grip on the right handlebar. Braking is with levers on the left and right, activating a V-brake in front, and a cable-operated disc brake at the back. The tyres are proper pneumatic items, and there is no suspension.

Designed to be a last mile solution for commuters, or a quick and easy run-about for short trips close to home or work, the Stigo is sold at an introductory price of RM5,990 for the base version and RM6,990 for the Stigo+, while stocks last. Made in Estonia from aluminium, with the battery pack located inside the frame spar, its folding design also makes it easy to store at home or work.