The 50% fare discount for commuters riding on LRT, Monorail and BRT services between 6am and 7am could be expanded to other periods of the day, according to The Sun.

Rapid Rail CEO Datuk Zohari Sulaiman said that the offer would certainly be expanded to other periods of the day to increase ridership if there is an encouraging response to the current promotion. “Based on observation, the response so far has been encouraging as we can see that there is some increase in ridership for those commuting between 6am and 7am.

“However, what is important is we are able to encourage the public to take rail services earlier as well as reduce the platform crowding that we have faced prior to the implementation of the offer,” he said, adding that a final decision would be made after the completion of detailed discussions and analysis on ridership trends.

The initial discount was offered in order to encourage those travelling at the morning peak hours of between 7am to am to change their travel patterns to help ease congestion at selected stations during those hours.