Petron Malaysia has been selected as the official fuel and engine oil sponsor of the final round of the Formula 4 South East Asia (F4/SEA) Championship, taking place at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) from January 20 to 22. The entry-level formula, certified by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), is designed for young drivers around the world looking to break into open-wheel single-seater racing.

The company will supply the race cars with its flagship Blaze 100 Euro 4M fuel as well as Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic engine oil – both the same kinds that you can buy at any Petron station – during the race, marking it Petron’s first participation in formula racing. “We are truly honoured to partner with F4/SEA as its fuel and lubricants partner,” said Petron Malaysia head of retail Faridah Ali.

“This partnership is another milestone for us in gaining a foothold in motorsports, where it is a perfect testbed for our superior products. We are proud to introduce our most advanced product innovations, Blaze 100 and Blaze Racing engine oil, to the world racing championship.”

Blaze 100 is the country’s first and only RON 100 premium petrol, launched last January. Produced at the Petron Port Dickson refinery, the high-performance fuel is formulated with TriAction Advantage, a triple action formula which Petron claims delivers improved power, engine protection and mileage, enabling improved engine response, power and acceleration.

The fuel is complemented with Blaze Racing engine oil, claimed to provide optimum engine protection. It is formulated with Thermal Stress Stabilising System (TS3), an exclusive technology is said to keep lubricant stability at extreme temperatures and engine stress; the engine oil is designed to meet the requirements of most modern vehicles, including high-performance vehicles.

Formula 4 South East Asia is promoted by the Asian Autosport Action (AAA) group, and represents a cost-effective first step to an FIA-certified career in formula racing. It focuses on driver experience and development through a one-make FIA single-operator championship using FIA F4-homologated cars and engines, ensuring a level playing field.

Kicking off in Sepang last August, the 2016 FIA F4/SEA championship made the rounds in the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand, before returning to Malaysia for its conclusion. “We hope drivers will experience and appreciate the power of Blaze 100 and a cleaner engine from Blaze Racing engine oil,” said Faridah. “We look forward to introducing more innovative fuels in the future.”