Now that the Lamborghini Aventador S has been revealed, the Italian carmaker has released two new videos, which not only help to detail the car but also make it more appealing, if the latter was ever necessary in the first place.

We’ll start with the video titled The 4 Masterpieces, where the Sant’Agata-based company introduces the various enhancements the Aventador S has compared to its predecessor. This includes improvements to the car’s four-wheel drive powertrain, with the 6.5 litre V12 engine providing 40 hp more than before – 740 hp and 690 Nm of torque.

We even get to see a demonstration of the Haldex Generation IV 4WD system’s dynamic torque distribution when the big Lambo does a spot of rallying, before we are shown the second “masterpiece” – the Aventador S’ new four-wheel steering.

The feature, which was first seen on the Centenario, sees a symbiotic relationship between the car’s rear-wheel steering and front dynamic steering, ensuring better agility at low speeds, while promoting stability at higher speeds.

To aid the Aventador S further in the handling department, magneto-rheological suspension is fitted, which continuously adapts to the environment based on the inputs from the Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva (LDVA). The LDVA, or the car’s big brain, gathers information from various sensors around the car, interprets it, and sets up the car in the best manner for all conditions.

Drivers also have access to the fourth “masterpiece,” the four available driving modes – Strada, Sport, Corsa and the newly-added Ego. The latter is a customisable mode, allowing for individual preferences when it comes to the car’s powertrain, steering and suspension.

It is also the theme of the second video, with Lamborghini telling you that you should “dare your ego,” and not view it as a bad thing or a deficiency. Instead, it should be a driving factor to exceed yourself in all aspects, which is what Lamborghini’s idea of ego is, and the Aventador S is a perfect representation of that, don’t you think?

GALLERY: Lamborghini Aventador S