It appears as if 2017 is going to be a busy and exciting year for Modenas. After the recent launch of the 2017 Modenas Karisma 125, Elegan 250 as well as the Kymco Downtown 250i – to be sold via Modenas dealer network – it has been announced that there are plans for six new models to be launched soon.

While there are no details forthcoming at this point, it is assumed the new machines will include mopeds, small-displacement street bikes and scooters. This makes sense, considering Modenas’ current business partnership with Kymco.

It is said the first launch will take place as early as March or April, although what type of machine it might be is still a secret. However, this begs the question, what of the 150 cc machine that was known to be in development by Modenas?

According to Modenas management, this 150 cc bike, which went viral on social media some time ago, will be among the six new launches this year and its market debut will be soon. The new engine is entirely a Modenas development, and does not involve any previous engine model, or third-party involvement.

Nine Modenas engineers are involved in the development of the said engine, and a portion of the research and development work is being conducted at the University of Graz, Austria. First announced two years ago, the prototype engine has undergone suitability testing as a production model and is rumoured will also see duty as a race engine for the Modenas racing team in the Malaysian Cub Prix.

Touching on Modenas cooperation with Kymco, it was stated that this is not just a re-badging exercise, but will involve long-term plans. These include sharing of expertise, technology transfer and leveraging on overseas distribution for Modenas, as well as improving vendor product quality.

The Malaysian motorcycle company is optimistic it can improve its market position this year. Modenas currently sits at fifth place in the local motorcycle market with 9% market share in 2016. It forecasts a 13% market share for 2017, supported by an aggressive launch campaign of new models.