Many Malaysians will be making the long drive back to their hometowns in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festive season, but before setting off, one should always ensure they perform a few safety checks on man and machine for a pleasant journey.

Which is why Proton has released this short video that provides its viewers with five quick safety tips for the festive season, featuring its entire range of cars. The first tip focuses on tyres, which is a very important part of the car that shouldn’t be ignored, more so in light of the constant downpours taking place.

Vehicle owners should ensure that there is enough thread on their tyres by referring to the indicator normally found on them. Tyres with enough thread is important as they may help lower the chances of your car aquaplaning, so don’t wait till they are completely botak. Another overlooked aspect when it comes to tyres is proper inflation, as an underinflated tyre can result in a higher vehicle fuel consumption.

Making sure your car is properly serviced or inspected before the trip is another important tip, as a well-maintained car would perform better, and can help prevent the headache that comes with your car breaking down by the side of the highway.

Next, drivers should make sure they are well positioned inside the car, adjusting the seat, steering and mirrors to allow for effective steering and pedal inputs, while ensuring they are comfortable for the long drive. Additionally, they should be well rested before starting the journey, and follow the traffic rules as well. Don’t forget to buckle up, and have a safe journey ahead.