Forced induction is not new to Honda motorcycles, going back to the eighties with the Honda CX-series turbocharged twins. But, is supercharging now on the cards for Honda, going by some patent drawings that have emerged on various websites?

When the Kawasaki H2 hyperbike hit the market, it was the first production motorcycle with supercharging, quite capable of running down to the shops or crossing a bridge at over 400 km/h. There is another reason for forced induction in motorcycles though, and that is emissions control.

From the Honda patent drawings, a belt-driven supercharger is driven up the left side of the engine. According to reports, this particular supercharger configuration is easily applied to engines across both middle-weight and litre-class motorcycles.

Of note is the plumbing for the front-mounted, (probable) two-row intercooler, with the blower itself installed behind the cylinder bank. The intake path then heads into the airbox, with the throttle body mounted directly above the engine’s inlet.

Out of the Japanese big four, only Kawasaki has come to market with forced induction, although Suzuki is rumoured to be looking at supercharging for the next-generation Suzuki Hayabusa. With Honda now filing a patent for a supercharged motorcycle engine, it makes us wonder what Yamaha might have up its sleeve.