Before there was James Bond, Leslie Charteris’ 1928 creation, Simon Templar a.k.a. The Saint, was fighting bad guys and righting wrongs. readers of a certain age will remember the character being played on TV by Roger Moore, and driving a Volvo P1800 around the streets of London, as well as the 1978 reboot of the series, “Return of the Saint” and the 1997 movie starring Val Kilmer.

In a fit of nostalgia, an Englishman named only as Alex commissioned Spanish custom outfit Macco Motors to build him a a scrambler-styled motorcycle out of a previous-generation Triumph T100 Bonneville, with its inspiration being The Saint. Specialising in custom builds based on Triumph, BMW and Ducati motorcycles, Cadiz-based Macco is a partnership between Jose and Tito (no last names given), who consider themselves brothers.

Taking the standard air-cooled T100 Bonneville, the rear sub-frame has been cut and welded into a loop in true 70’s scrambler style. A flat Macco seat is fitted, along with a custom-made short mudguards, and a diminutive round tail-light, as featured in

A five-inch Bates-style round headlight adorns the front end, with a custom grille fitted to give it that off-roader look. A one-inch diameter MX-style handlebar from the Biltwell catalogue replaces the stock unit, and a single round analogue speedometer does away with the standard twin-clocks from the Triumph T100.

On the suspension side, things were beefed up to take into account the owner’s well over six-foot height. Hagon progressive springs were slipped into the T100 fork legs and YSS shocks designed for the Ducati Scrambler shoved into the rear end.

The cross of Saint George is painted over the stock fuel tank, and scrambler style number plates – made from metal – are fitted in either side. Accessories from LSL are fitted to complete the look of The Saint, including ignition and rectifier relocation brackets, and sprocket cover.

Rolling on stock wheels coated in black, The Saint also sports a custom two-into-two exhaust system. No details on how much this build cost, but Macco Motors accepts commissions from around the world. In Malaysia, the previous-gem Triumph T100 Bonneville retailed for RM53,900. The 2017 Triumph T100 Bonneville will be in Malaysia by March, with retail price yet to be decided.