It’s another case of old versus new, and this time, Ford’s all-new F-150 Raptor is looking to prove that its EcoBoost V6 engine isn’t short of acceleration when compared to a V8, with the latter not being offered on the 2017 Raptor.

The comparison undertaken by the team from The Fast Lane Truck, pitted the 2017 model against a last-generation 2014 SVT model in a drag race. Predictably, the old truck didn’t stand a chance against the new one in a straight line, with the 3.5 litre twin-turbo V6 making short work of the 6.2 litre Boss V8.

In terms of numbers, the EcoBoost dishes out 450 hp and 691 Nm of torque, an increase of 39 hp and 103 Nm from the old Raptor. The new truck also gets Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission, while the old one is merely a six-speed unit. More notably, the new model is up to 226 kg lighter than its predecessor.

However, the drag race video isn’t exactly a fair comparison, as the 2017 Raptor is a SuperCab variant, making it smaller and lighter than the four-door SuperCrew 2014 SVT Raptor it is going up against. Even so, we reckon a four-door 2017 Raptor would still win such a race.

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