Dodge Challenger SRT Demon shows off its custom crate, Metallica lyrics, Air Grabber in latest teasers

Ready for more of the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon? Well, the company’s latest teasers – Crate and Forced Induction – have been released, revealing more information about the American carmaker’s upcoming spawn.

We start with Crate, where we find out that the Demon will come with a custom-painted Demon Crate, allowing buyers to setup their car to “favour street performance, drag strip performance or something in between.”

Each crate (with 18 components) will include direct connection Demon performance parts, Demon-branded track tools, matching Demon spare wheels and a Demon Track Pack System. Additionally, a personalised plaque bearing the owner’s name as well as vehicle VIN and serial number is screwed onto the crate.

The cryptic image accompanying the release also hints at the power output of the Demon, where the serial number reads 0757. For reference, the Challenger SRT Hellcat has 707 hp at its disposal, 50 hp less than what is being suggested here.

In any case, the fifth and latest teaser, Forced Induction, should reaffirm such claims. “Gimme fuel! Gimme fire! Gimme that which I desire!” is poetry by Metallica that speaks to every gearhead, the company says in another release (Fuel posted below for reference).

However, the company points out that the poetry quoted above is in fact, “limited by the chemistry of combustion, limited by thin air.” To ensure the lack of air isn’t a problem for the Demon, the car’s supercharged HEMI comes with a very functional “Air Grabber,” which is the largest ever installed on a production vehicle, measuring more than 45 square inches, according to Dodge.

The big hood scoop sends air through a much bigger air box that is sealed and ducted to it. If that isn’t enough, two of the Demon’s headlamps feature illuminated functional “Air Catchers” as well, instead of the one on the Hellcat. This air-grabbing effort obviously increases airflow, but also drops the inlet air temperature by more than 30 degrees compared with the Hellcat.

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  • Dodge partner with Metallica, but P2/toyota partner with Nirvana for eternal customers.

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