No surprise to know that the Honda Civic has been a spectacular performer for Honda Malaysia, given the number seen on the road. But just how well has it been doing? While it didn’t reveal the exact numbers sold since the car was introduced in June last year, the company did give some stats to show off the car’s performance.

The tenth-gen is the current market leader in its category, with a 68% market share in the C-segment arena. Sales of the FC have been more than encouraging – it’s 265% higher compared to what Honda Malaysia was achieving with the ninth-gen.

The Civic is available here in three CKD locally-assembled variants – the 1.8L, 1.5L Turbo and 1.5L Turbo Premium, with all the bells and whistles. Word is that the best seller is the mid-level variant.

The facelifted Accord has also done very well for the brand. While the D-segment isn’t very large in the grand scheme of things, the refreshed ninth-gen sedan has shifted 2.400 units since its local debut in September. It too is the market leader in its segment.

Meanwhile, the BR-V has exceeded expectations and projected numbers – the seven-seater SUV – launched in January – has already received 7,000 bookings, effectively achieving nine months of sales numbers of its 2017 target.