The Aston Martin DB11 Volante has been spotted undergoing testing again, with the prototype seen here still wearing the same promotional decals as before, which points towards a 2018 introduction and a dedicated website where you can register your interest.

As before, the convertible version of the DB11 remains largely identical to the coupe until you reach the A-pillars. Therefore, the Curlicue vents that help reduce front-end lift over the front axle, one-piece bonnet, LED headlights and front grille are unchanged.

Beyond that, the British carmaker has made some modifications to the car’s rear haunches and deck in order to accommodate the folding soft-top. From certain angles, the car certainly looks to be a little taller compared to the coupe, although we’ll have to wait for official figures to comfirm.

Beyond those revisions, the DB11 continues to retain the same rear bumper, diffuser and dual exhaust outlets as the fixed top model. The Volante should also carry the drivetrain setup from the DB11 – a 5.2 litre twin-turbo V12 engine (600 hp/700 Nm) mated to an eight-speed automatic.