We’ve already provided you with a (deep) insight into how Bugatti builds its latest hypercar – the Chiron. Now, the company has released a new spot that features not only the 420 km/h speed machine, but also a living football legend – Cristiano Ronaldo.

Obviously the company must’ve taken interest in the Real Madrid player after he posted a photo of himself seated in his own Veyron, and subsequently invited Ronaldo to try out the new car.

Andy Wallace, Bugatti’s test driver and the man who set a speed record in a McLaren F1 back in 1998, explains that before a Chiron makes its way to a customer, it needs to be “tested and approved by a champion.” In this case, that would be Ronaldo.

After what can only be described as a spirited test drive, Ronaldo appears to be totally enthralled with the Chiron, which is bad news for its awaiting “buyer.” This is one video you’ll want to watch till the end.

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