Just a few weeks ago, the BMW i8 Spyder was spotted testing in what appeared to be warmer climes, compared to its most recent sighting where the mid-engined, plug-in hybrid is seen testing in heavier snow. Here, the Spyder gives us a first look from its front. It also appears to use a fabric roof, where previously it was seen operating open-topped. From the glasshouse downwards, it appears all but identical to the coupe.

What we know from before is that the revised i8, and by extension the upcoming i8 Spyder, will use an updated 1.5 litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine with a revised electric motor for a total system output estimated to be in the region of 420 hp, and along with it updates for the six-speed automatic transmission.

More battery capacity is also expected, where both the Spyder and facelifted i8 coupe stand to receive a battery pack that is more energy-dense than before. The i8-based Formula E safety cars use a 10 kWh battery compared to the current i8’s 7.1 kWh unit, and here the upcoming i8 duo’s batteries can be expected to be similarly uprated.

With the uprated powertrain comes the possibility of a revised chassis setup, too. Again, the Formula E safety car could be drawn upon in this area, where modified upper wishbones and mounting points with revised springs and dampers are on the cards, along with a 15 mm drop in ride height.

It remains to be seen if the eventual, production-ready i8 Spyder will employ the doors as seen on the i8 Spyder Concept, or if a more conventionally-opening mechanism will be used.