Brabus isn’t a company that is known to hold back, as exemplified by their previous works with Mercedes-Benz cars. For the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the company has crammed as much of its know-how into a small package, creating this – the Brabus Ultimate 125.

Based on the sensible smart fortwo, only 125 “consecutively numbered” vehicles will be offered by Brabus, where customers will get to choose between a coupe and cabriolet. The one you see before you is vehicle 001/125, and is a cabriolet that receives a Blu Glauco exterior paint finish.

To go along with it, the two-seater also receives a Brabus Widerstar bodykit, which introduces flared fenders, a front lip spoiler and the best bit – a triple-pipe exhaust outlet. Adding to this is a set of Brabus sport suspension that is specifically tuned for the car and also drops the ride height.

To go along with the widebody enhancement and suspension revision, the Ultimate 125 also receives a set of Brabus Monoblock Y wheels that measure 18 inches. The ones at the front are wrapped with 205/35 high-performance tyres, while the rears get 235/30 rubbers instead. Brabus says its 18-inch wheels are among the lightest in the market, with the front pair weighing just 6.7 kg, and the rear at 7.1 kg.

Under the hood, the 898 cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine now produces 125 hp and 200 Nm of torque, which is 35 hp/65 Nm more than a standard fortwo cabrio. This was achieved by fitting a modified intake system, a more efficient intercooler, tuning the ECU and adding a stainless steel exhaust (again, triple pipes just like the Civic Type R Prototype).

Performance-wise, the Ultimate 125 will sprint from a rest to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds, and on to a top speed of 175 km/h. That may sound dismal compared to what other Brabus-enhanced cars will do but keep in mind, this is primarily a city car.

Inside, this particular car continues the Blu Glauco theme with similarly-coloured seats, upholstery and trim. There’s also plenty of Brabus Mastik leather to touch as well as stainless steel pedals and an aluminium shift knob. Of course, customers who have their own styling ideas in mind can specify their car accordingly with a wide range of customisation options.

Interested? You’ll have to come up with 49,980 euros (RM236,019) for the Brabus Ultimate 125 in coupe form, and an additional 2,820 euros (RM13,318) on top of that if you want the cabriolet. It certainly is a lot of money but rest assured, you’ll be getting the best smart fortwo money can buy.