Last last week, Daimler stated it was issuing a recall for one million Mercedes-Benz vehicles worldwide over the potential risk of engine fires brought about by a defective fuse, Reuters reported.

The recall came after 51 fires – 30 of which were in the US – were reported, but the automaker stated that no injuries or deaths have been reported to them over these mishaps. Out of the million vehicles, 307,629 are in the US, and recalls there will begin from July.

Affected vehicles are C-Class, E-Class, CLA, GLA and GLC units built from 2015 through 2017. The automaker, through a US regulatory disclosure, said the recalled models have a defective “current limiter” or fuse in the starter motor that can overheat – from repeated attempts to start the vehicles – and thus melt nearby parts.

A fix has been implemented in the production of new vehicles, and vehicles at dealers will be fixed with an additional fuse before they are sold, the company stated.

Mercedes-Benz said it did not immediately have a breakdown of where vehicles are to be recalled outside of the US, nor did it have word on when other owners in other markets will be notified.

For the local market, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia said it was awaiting further information from Daimler to see if any units sold locally were affected, and would update owners immediately upon receiving notice. Earlier this evening, the company issued a short statement in relation to the matter:

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is aware of the recall announcement by Daimler AG.

Daimler AG has determined that in certain vehicles which have previously experienced damage, such as being through a flood or been submerged in water (a condition known as ‘hydrolocked engine’), the starting current limiter may experience an overload under certain conditions during the starting procedure.

In this condition, should the driver attempt to start the engine repeatedly despite the engine not cranking, the very high electric current might lead to overheating of the starting current limiter.

We are awaiting further information from Daimler AG, and will update customers immediately upon receiving the details.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia will take all necessary measures in accordance with our stringent global guidelines and procedures, always with the safety and best interests of customers at heart. In the meantime, should customers have any queries, please call our customer care line, 1-800-88-1133.