Following a string of teasers, the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept has been revealed in its entirety for the Geneva Motor Show, with images from the Old Benz Community. In the scheme of sleek four-door models, the production version of the GT Concept will go alongside the CLS four-door coupe (with the CLS Shooting Brake discontinued), taking on the Porsche Panamera.

Official details are still yet to come, but the four-door GT is tipped to wear the GT4 moniker to denote its place in the GT sports car family, and while its powertrain is also yet to be confirmed, the four-door GT is all but certain to adopt the 4.0 litre, twin-turbocharged V8 from within the AMG range – in its hitherto most powerful guise, the engine produces 603 hp and 850 Nm of torque in the E 63 S.

It could well be an even stronger powerplant, and the hint is in the EQ Power+ branding on the four-door GT’s front fender-mounted rear-view cameras. First seen on the W08 F1 car, the sub-brand is Mercedes-AMG’s indicator of performance hybrids, which suggests the internal combustion engine in the GT will receive an electrified boost.

Suggestions are that an integrated starter generator (ISG) between the engine and transmission will give a temporary boost of around 20 hp, courtesy of a 48V electrical architecture and a possible lithium-ion battery. Further down the line, the four-door GT is also rumoured to adopt Mercedes’ new 3.0 litre, turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine.

As with the teaser before, the four-door GT concept wears headlamps that are a slight departure from the two-door GT norm – a hint of Mustang, perhaps? – though the vertically-slatted grille and side air intakes are more familiar to the range, and to a lesser extent, its tail lights as well.

With the full car in view, the four-door GT also appears to dispense with conventional side mirrors, although the eventual production car is likely to revert to more conventional items. Around the back, the exhaust exits via a central tailpipe, which sits above a diffuser that appears more protruding than the ones on its production two-door siblings. Come production time, these items can be expected to be toned down, too.

GALLERY: Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

GALLERY: 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT