Have you ever looked at the Pirelli P Zero tyres on a million-ringgit supercar and wished they were coloured? Well, your wish has been granted, as the Italian tyremaker has unveiled exactly that at the Geneva Motor Show, which is one of two innovations on display there.

The Pirelli coloured edition tyres were created to meet the increasing demand for personalisation from customers, where engineers have developed innovative materials and protection systems to ensure the colours remain vivid and durable.

Available for the P Zero and Winter Sottozero tyres, customers will get to choose from four base colours – red, yellow, white, and silver – but should they have a different colour from what is offered, Pirelli will cater to such requests as well.

As Pirelli is the official tyre supplier for Formula 1, where coloured tyres are used to identify the type of compound used, the company has adapted the knowledge gained on track for its new innovation. Availability wise, the company has already begun accepting pre-orders for the P Zero and Winter Sottozero ranges in the prestige sector, from 19-inch size upwards.

Moving on to the second innovation on display, the Pirelli Connesso is essentially a “smart tyre”, whereby a sensor embedded in the internal wall of the tyre supplies vital information (status, use, and maintenance) on how the tyre is working to a dedicated app.

Pirelli says the sensor’s negligible weight has no effect on the performance of the tyre. Additionally, compared to other on-board tyre pressure monitoring systems, the Connesso works both when the car is parked and when it is moving. The Pirelli Cloud platform supports the data transmission from sensor to app, and could include additional services in the future.

These include the ability to make arrangements for any new tyres or maintenance needed, directly in the place where the car is parked, when a drop in pressure is detected remotely. Similar to the coloured tyres, the Connesso system will be offered to the P Zero or Winter Sottozero tyres, initially in 19-inch size and bigger for prestige cars.