The conventional car horn can be a major cause for miscommunication while on the road. For instance, a wrong press of the horn could be the difference between indicating to the other driver that you’re letting them pass through, or you want to beat the living daylights out of them.

Don’t you wish that there was a way for car horn sounds to be a little more expressive? Well, Honda and its Dream Laboratory have come up with a brand new innovation that aims to solve this issue, and it is calling it the Honda Horn Emojis.

The integrated vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-human communications system will be made available as standard on the all-new 2018 Odyssey, and comes with a variety of selectable emojis to suit the most scenarios you’ll encounter while behind the wheel.

Say you’re stuck in a traffic jam and want to let everyone around you know how you feel at the moment. Simply press the Rush Hour Traffic emoji on the steering wheel, and the message, or “horn tone,” is clear for all to hear. Who knows, maybe someone might remind in kind as well.

That’s not the only emoji available either as you can say “hello” your neighbours with the Happy Honda Honk emoji, or if you’re feeling a little flirtatious, the “Honda Blow A Kiss” emoji is certainly something that should be tried out. Saw something shocking on the road? There’s an emoji for that. Bored? Angry? There’s emojis for all those as well.

Honda has even prepared a special Honda Dog emoji, which warns canines of approaching vehicles so our furry friends stay clear of an early trip to the skies. As dogs are capable of hearing at a higher frequency than humans, the car horn sound made when the emoji is pressed is silent to humans. Unfortunately, there’s yet to be a Honda Cat emoji but we reckon it will arrive in a future update. With that said, perhaps a special version for the Malaysian market is needed (suggestions, anyone?).

“Horns have been around for over a century, but little has been done to make these sound-making devices a personal expression of the driver’s emotions like we’re doing with the all-new Honda Odyssey. We have exhaustively researched and tested these new Honda Horn Emojis to offer the industry’s most advanced in-vehicle technology in the minivan segment,” said Alice Alerto, the Honda engineer in charge of horn development.

UPDATE: Happy April Fools’ Day!