As the 2017 New York International Auto Show draws closer, Dodge is releasing the final few teasers of its upcoming Challenger SRT Demon. The latest video treat – Fuel – reveals that the car will be able to capitalise on the benefits of 100+ octane race fuel or regular 91-octane fuel on demand. The carmaker says this is the world’s first factory production car to offer such a mode.

However, there’s some work to be done before you are given access to this mode, and it involves the Demon Crate that is supplied to all buyers. In it, you’ll find the “keys to unleashing the SRT Demon’s full fury – a new powertrain control module (PCM) calibrated for the high-octane fuel and a new switch cluster that includes a high octane button.

In high-octane mode, the Demon’s engine will be able to run a more aggressive ignition timing, allowing drag racers to see “big changes in elapsed time with the high-octane fuel.” Dodge adds that mixing high-octane fuel with regular fuel won’t mess up the Demon’s engine but the system will disable the mode if the combined fuel octane is too low.

Should it detect such a circumstance, a message in the instrument display informs the driver the car will use the premium fuel calibration until the engine is shut off and restarted. On a related matter, compared to the Hellcat, the Demon will feature dual fuel pumps and larger fuel injectors using higher rail pressure.

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