Nissan will be presenting its Rogue Dogue concept at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, and the one-off project vehicle takes a dogged approach in converting the SUV – which we know here as the X-Trail – into a fully canine-capable car.

The concept, which is based on a 2017 Rogue SL with a Platinum Reserve Interior Package, was built by Dennis McCarthy, the car coordinator for Fast & Furious films. Mods add on plenty of dog-friendly kit to help make travel with pets as pleasant and safe as possible.

The vehicle features a modified second-row/cargo area pass-through passageway to help with movement, complete with a removable pet partition, which can be placed between the areas. Safety is also addressed, with a dog first aid kit and secure leash fastening attachments to be found in the second row/rear cargo area.

Special equipment includes a secured, removable custom dog bed in the rear cargo area – which has heated air vents – and a slide-away dog ramp, which provides easy access to the rear compartment for small or elderly dogs.

The Rogue Dogue also features built-in, non-spill food and water dispensers, a sidewall-mounted poop bag dispenser, a 360-degree dog shower with a 38 litre pressurised water reserve and an integrated dog drying system, the latter featuring a compressed heated air dryer and outside hose attachment. Now, with something like this, every dog can surely have its day, no?