Following the debut of its I.D. in Paris last year and the I.D. Buzz in Detroit earlier this year, Volkswagen will be presenting its third study of its I.D. electric vehicle series in Shanghai next week.

The as-yet-unnamed concept is the brand’s first electrically-powered crossover utility vehicle (CUV), essentially an amalgamation of a four-door coupe and an SUV. Scant details about the car ahead of its unveiling, but the company says that like the Golf-sized I.D and I.D Buzz, which is a fresh take on the Microbus, the electric crossover will be capable of fully autonomous operation.

Activation of this is via a light push on the VW badge on the steering wheel, which will then retracts electrically into the cockpit where it forms a single unit with the fully digital displays and controls. A combination of laser scanners, ultrasonic/radar sensors and cameras provide the crossover with the means to go about its business autonomously.

The concept is equipped with an all-wheel drive system, which should presumably mirror that seen on the I.D. Buzz. On the latter, a pair of 201 hp electric motors power the MPV, one on each axle for a total system output of 369 hp, and a 111 kWh battery provides a range of 600 km on the NEDC cycle. More on the latest I.D. when it debuts next week.