For this year’s Auto Shanghai, the Qoros Model K-EV concept will make its debut, representing the next step in the Chinese-Israeli carmaker’s new energy strategy.

As far as styling goes, the concept is a feast for the eyes, with a sleek body coupled with oversized wheels. Plenty of glass on display as well, with detailed patterns on the front bonnet, doors and even the side sills.

The Model K-EV comes with asymmetrical doors, with a large gullwing opening on the driver’s side, while the passenger door can open on two hinges like a conventional car or slide to the side. Suffice to say, getting in and out of this thing will no doubt result in a lot of people staring at you.

The futuristic design continues on the inside, with what Qoros calls Clever Carbon Cabin (CCC) technology, whereby the cabin is made primarily from carbon-fibre (as the name suggests).

Despite its concept nature, the cabin certainly does pass for something that looks rather production ready. There’s a large central infotainment screen on the dashboard, a fully digital instrument cluster and a third screen in the center console that controls other vehicle functions like the air-conditioning.

At the back, the two passengers get their own spaces, separated by a console that appears to host a control panel for possibly infotainment or climate controls. All of the above is encased within the carbon-fibre monocoque, and Qoros certainly isn’t shy to showcase the material to occupants.

As its name suggests, the Model K-EV doesn’t get an internal combustion engine and instead features an electric powertrain with technology borrowed from the Koenigsegg Regera.

The total system output from the two electric motors (one for each axle) is rated at 870 hp and will propel the car from a rest to 100 km/h in under three seconds. A 107 kWh battery pack mounted on the vehicle’s floor supplies power to the motors, and is said to give the concept a range of up to 482 km on a single charge.