Caravans and motorhomes are a rare sight in Malaysia, though distributor Luxe Motorhomes & Caravans – via WTA Ventures – aims to change that, with the introduction of Benimar Mileo motorhomes. A total of 13 models will be available to the Malaysian market, with prices ranging from an estimated RM609,000 to RM650,000.

The Benimar Mileo range of motorhomes are built in Spain on a Fiat Ducato chassis, and all are powered by a 2.3 litre turbodiesel engine producing 150 hp and 380 Nm of torque, sent to a six-speed automated manual transmission. The 13 models on offer comprise eight models from the Mileo 2 Series range and five models from the Mileo 3 Series range – the former being low profile models with berthing (sleeping positions) for two to four, the latter a larger overcab design with berthing for up to six.

For all models, the interior floor structure is made of glass reinforced plastic and PVC, which helps attain 99% wood-free construction. All furniture doors feature secure catches, with soft-closing hinges for the overhead curved doors. Air-conditioning comes courtesy of a rooftop unit, along with provision for an LED TV with DVD player and satellite tuner. Also standard is a 150-watt roof-mounted solar panel and a manually-operated Fiamma awning.

Starting with the Mileo 201, the base model has seating for four and sleeping berths for two with a fixed rear bed layout. Measuring 2.3 m wide, and 5.95 m long, the Mileo 201 weighs 2,940 kg unladen and is rated for a maximum of 3,500 kg. Payload is rated at 550 kg.

The Mileo 286 offers arguably the most social layout, where the seats flank a centrally-located table. As with others in the range, the 286 seats four, with sleeping berths for four. The 286 measures 2.3 m wide and 6.95 m long, with an unladen weight of 3,130 kg. Maximum weight is 3,500 kg, with a 370 kg payload.

Rounding up the Mileo 2 Series range is the Mileo 294, a four-seat, four-berth motorhome measuring 2.3 m wide and 7.35 m long. Its unladen weight is 3,240 kg with a 3,500 kg maximum, while payload is 260 kg. The Mileo 294 uses a fixed island bed layout, with the main bed located at the rear of the cabin and another at the front.

The model displayed here is the Mileo 313, with six seats and six sleeping berths. The 313 employs a bunk beds layout, where a pair of single beds are stacked double-decker at the back, with a double bed in front, atop the driver and front passenger cabin. The 313 measures 2.3 m wide and 5.95 m long, with an unladen weight of 2,940 kg and a maximum of 3,500 kg. Payload is 520 kg.

All Benimar Mileo motorhomes are built to UK specifications, which is what the Malaysian market will receive. So far, Lux Motorhomes & Caravans has received two orders. The Road Transport Department (JPJ) classifies motorhomes as MPVs, and they can therefore be driven by anyone with a D license.

Currently WTA Ventures, the company behind Luxe Motorhomes & Caravans, is in talks with various state governments including Pahang and Johor for the creation of caravan park facilities. As of now, there are two caravan parks – one each in Desaru and Pontian, while further north, developments in Gopeng and Cameron Highlands have been verbally agreed upon with the respective authorities.