Despite the advancement of battery electric vehicles, energy providers are still pushing for hydrogen as a viable environmentally-friendly fuel, with Shell engaging BMW subsidiary Designworks for the design of a new hydrogen pump that debuted at the Hannover Fair this week.

The new dispenser, called Oasis, dispenses (hah!) with traditional H- or L-shaped fuel station designs. Instead, it goes for a friendlier I-shaped pillar-like design that rises up to create a beacon that is identifiable both close up and from a distance.

Integrating all mechanical components into the design, the Oasis features a light guidance system that helps guide the overall flow of cars on the forecourt, indicating whether the dispenser is occupied and the remaining fuelling time. There’s also a large information screen that provides clear and easily accessible information, including refuelling time and price, along with maps to check route details.

The refuelling nozzle features a new pick up and mount mechanism, which Designworks says enables the removing and returning of the nozzle to be more intuitive. A screen integrated into the nozzle guides the user step by step through the refuelling process.

“Customers are at the heart of what we do,” said Shell’s hydrogen general manager Oliver Bishop. “We are pleased to have collaborated with Designworks in the development of a new hydrogen dispenser that will allow us to provide customers an improved hydrogen experience. It will not only make refuelling seamless, it will also help make hydrogen fuel an even more attractive option in the future.”

Does the name Designworks sound familiar to you? It’s the same company that designed the trains for the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) that went into service late last year.