Having repeatedly said no in the past, Volkswagen may now be changing its tune to a yes in the potential sale of Ducati. Over the course of 2016, rumours abounded that the Italian motorcycle brand – acquired by Audi in 2012 – was set to be off-loaded in an effort to cover ever increasing costs brought about by the Dieselgate scandal.

Now, Reuters reports that the German automaker is considering a possible Ducati sale, citing two sources familiar with the matter. It has tasked an investment banking boutique to come up with possible options in a bid to streamline spending, and one of the moves being bandied about is the sale of Ducati.

The sources told the news agency that VW has already put out feelers to potential buyers, but no firm decision had yet been taken on whether the brand will be sold. They added that if the idea of a sale doesn’t attract sufficient interest, the automaker may also look at a stock market flotation option for Ducati.

According to one of the sources, Ducati could fetch a valuation of up to 1.5 billion euros, or 15 times its core earnings, and the brand may appeal to Asian buyers in China or India, which might view Ducati as a catch. The sources added that private equity firms might have an interest in the brand.