The upcoming Mercedes-AMG Project One won’t be the only plug-in hybriid model in the company’s line-up, according to its CEO Tobias Moers. In a report by Automotive News, Moers said the technology will be implemented in future AMG models, likely using the EQ Power+ branding as seen on the GT Concept and this year’s Formula 1 race car.

A production version of said concept is expected to arrive in 2018, whereas the Project One hypercar will debut a little later at the end of 2018. Moers stated, “the GT is the next level because the hypercar is a very dedicated layout. With the GT concept, it gives you an understanding of how we define the future of performance in our standard platforms – in our so-to-speak more normal cars.”

He added that the four-door GT will initially be introduced with a conventional powertrain, likely the familiar 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8, followed by a plug-in hybrid variant. Other AMG models will follow suit, although it wasn’t disclosed when that will take place.

“Yeah, why not? Because we are not able to change the future. We have to adapt to these new requirements and regulations, and we have to move forward and find new innovative solutions,” Moers said in regards to the company’s future plans.

Apart from plug-in hybrid tech, Mercedes-AMG may also look towards battery electric vehicles (BEVs) again, as it did when the SLS AMG Electric Drive was introduced in 2013. “I would be wrong to tell you no,” he said. “I don’t know when down the road. But we are not changing the future. It is going to happen,” he noted.

GALLERY: Mercedes-AMG GT Concept