A teaser image has been posted on the Demak Motor Facebook page, saying that it will be launching 11 new models in Malaysia for 2017. Indicating that the launch will begin on May 21st, Demak has previously launched 15 models in its range.

With this year shaping up to be an aggressive one for Demak – represented by Sarawak company DNC Asiatic – it looks as if it will be trying to corner the budget motorcycle market, notably kapchais and scooters. There has been no real information forthcoming since we last visited the Demak facility in Olak Lempit, Selangor, but from the Facebook post, one of the new models will be a “fun bike”.

Aside from that, from another teaser photo that was posted, it appears as if Demak will also be introducing a three-wheeler into the local market. Whether this will take the form of a small-wheeled roofed scooter, or a full-sized machine like the Can-Am, remains anyones guess.

Also much-awaited by local Demak fans is the motard-styled DTM 250, which represents cheap and cheerful two-wheeled fun for many riders. The current 2017 Demak range, as posted on its website, ranges from MX- and motard-styled 250 cc singles, down to 150 cc and 110 cc scooters.