Geely isn’t taking things lightly when it comes to elevating Proton as a carmaker, and has revealed it will develop Proton’s R&D to become one of its global centre of excellence.

The move will add Proton R&D to a list of Geely’s four global R&D centres, including two in Hangzhou (China), one in Coventry (United Kingdom) and one in Gothenburg (Sweden).

Each facility performs its own development work that differs from one another, and Geely says there are over 7,000 research personnel currently employed in the facilities. It also notes that over 2,000 personnel are dedicated to powertrain research.

Geely has also established four design studios in Shanghai (China), Gothenburg, Barcelona (Spain) and California (United States), with a global network of over 500 designers.

With such a strong network of facilities, Proton’s R&D should benefit from its transformation into a global centre of excellence. It remains to be seen just what developments will be assigned to it.