Following up from last year’s 400 PS Golf GTI Heartbeat Concept for Wörthersee, this year’s hot hatch concept born from a student project also breaches the 400 PS mark with the 410 PS GTI First Decade Concept, this time with an electrified boost. This latest Wörthersee-bound concept packs an internal combustion engine for the front axle, while a 48-volt electric motor sends 12 kW of output to the rear wheels.

The most prominent aspect of the First Decade Concept is of course, its aesthetics. Atlantic Blue metallic paint features on the three-door car here, along with a Satin Ocean Shimmer finish with blue chrome foil. The concept car rolls on unique 20-inch wheels, and also receives a rear spoiler from the Golf GTI Clubsport.

The GTI First Decade receives a makeover on the inside as well, where the rear seats have been removed and in their place are new speakers for the audio system, along with what appears to be a full-size spare wheel. The audio setup comprises 11 speakers plus a subwoofer receiving 1,690 W of power, while the special installation also includes LED lighting on a carbon-covered base plate.

The traction battery and drive electronics are housed beneath the base plate. Up in front, the pair of sports seats are trimmed in titanium black Nappa leather and Alcantara, with blue stitching. The driver’s seat features electrical adjustment, which can be controlled on a smartphone or tablet via an app.

This time around, Volkswagen has brought out not one, but two concepts; the second one here is the Golf GTE Estate implusE from Zwickau. As suggested, this concept is based upon the Golf Variant estate model, and like the GTI-based concept above, the GTE estate also features a hybrid powertrain.

The GTE estate concept packs a prototype battery with a capacity of 16.8 kWh, up from the standard item’s 8.8 kWh, a development which Volkswagen says “doubles the car’s range in electric operation.” Naturally, as a show car, the GTE estate’s looks has been given a once-over, inside and out.

Its exterior gains five-tone matte paintwork in Oryx White, Apassionata Blue, Anthracite, Hallmark and St. James Red, while the bonnet receives ventilation slats. Inside, decorative trim is painted while the steering wheel, central console, selector gaiter and door trim feature blue decorative stitching.

As with the GTI First Decade, the GTE Estate impulsE gains mobile app-controlled functions, here specifically for the animated, ambient lighting in the door trim. Additionally, the panoramic sliding roof, leather-and-Alcantara customised bucket seats with blue stitching, and ‘impulsE’ logo top off the interior design elements.